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Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development, Web3 Integration, Health Data Interoperability, Tokenization Solutions

Revolutionizing Personal Health Management with HealthB

Zyberia, a trailblazing HealthTech company from Norway, has been making waves with its innovative personal health platform, HealthB.

HealthB provides users with an aggregate overview of their health data, enabling them to navigate and co-create in the healthcare system. With the collaboration of VBS, the platform is set to integrate advanced blockchain solutions, ensuring data security and user empowerment.

VBS's expertise in blockchain has been instrumental in elevating our HealthB platform. Their innovative solutions ensure data security and user control, showcasing their commitment to revolutionizing healthcare with technology.

Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD, Co-founder & CEO at Zyberia

VBS - Viken Blockchain Solutions AS

Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development

Exploring Blockchains Potential in Healthcare Industry

VBS - Viken Blockchain Solutions AS is pioneering the future of health data management by utilizing blockchain technology, ensuring secure and decentralized data storage in the healthcare sector.

In an upcoming collaboration with Zyberia, VBS aims to integrate its blockchain solutions with the HealthB application, available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. This partnership seeks to amplify the capabilities of HealthB, with Ivo Garofalo contributing his blockchain expertise as co-founder and head of blockchain and web3.

The partnership between VBS and Zyberia signifies a pivotal advancement in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. Ivo Garofalo's expertise in blockchain and web3 is set to enhance HealthB's capabilities, ensuring a robust and secure platform for all users.

Jonas Jeppesen, CEO of Zyberia


Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development

Empowering Music Enthusiasts in a Decentralized Realm

Centaurify´s vision of blending music with the Web3 digital realm came alive in collaboration with us. Dive into our case study to see how this innovative music marketplace and ticketing platform not only transformed user experiences but also empowered artists through secure blockchain integration.

Viken Blockchain Solutions has been instrumental in safeguarding our NFT marketplace, ensuring top-tier security for standout artist collections such as 'Loreen Tattoo' and 'Alexandra - King of Queens'. Their commitment to protecting the integrity of art in the blockchain space is unparalleled.

David Rootwelt Nordberg, CEO of Centaurify

We reached out to VBS after being impressed by their previous projects. They came highly recommended by several of our associates.


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