Case Study - Empowering Music Enthusiasts in a Decentralized Realm

With Centaurify, music transcends boundaries - an innovative music marketplace and ticketing platform that seamlessly links the music industry with the emerging digital world of Web3.

Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development


As the CEO of Centaurify, David, along with his Co-Founder Martin (CMD), identified the imperative to bridge the gap between the music industry and the burgeoning realm of Web3. Their objective was to establish a platform that empowers music enthusiasts to explore, connect, and interact with artists in this decentralized landscape. Their aim was to curate an engaging experience for music fans, enabling novel ways of artist interaction. Concurrently, their inventive utilization of blockchain technology ensured the secure dissemination of music-associated content, thereby empowering artists.

Centaurify, a web3 music enterprise, delivers digital fan engagement solutions to the music industry through a music marketplace, ticketing platform, and Creative STUDIO. The Creative STUDIO is a distinctive feature empowering artists to create and oversee their own music compilations. They are seamlessly integrating the music industry into the emerging digital domain of Web3 by harnessing NFT and smart contract technology. This approach rewards artists, organizers, and token holders alike.

In collaboration with Viken Blockchain Solutions (VBS), renowned for our expertise in Blockchain Development, we embarked on a transformative journey to develop an advanced NFT marketplace. VBS played a pivotal role in devising the smart contracts underpinning the NFT marketplace platform. This encompassed the integration of pioneering features such as 'Lazy Minting' and payment functionality linked to the Cent token. VBS also conceived the 'Trophy Collections' employed by artists, in addition to the well-received NFT Collections: 'Collection - AAA' and the 'Universal Music Genesis Collection'.

Centaurify's vision extends beyond music, with plans to venture into sports and other entertainment ticketing domains. This expansion will seamlessly dovetail with the existing NFT marketplace and music streaming platform, further enriching their ecosystem and establishing a comprehensive entertainment hub.

What we did

  • Platform Architecture
  • Blockchain Support
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Custom Smart Contracts Development
  • ERC721 Smart Contracts
  • ERC20 Staking Smart Contracts
  • Custom Factory Smart Contracts
  • Cross-Chain Smart Contracts
  • Multi-Chain Smart Contracts

Partnering with Universal Music Global, we aimed to redefine the NFT space with our Marketplace. Thanks to Viken Blockchain Solutions' unparalleled smart contract expertise, our ambitious vision became a reality.

David Rootwelt Nordberg
CEO of Centaurify
Smart Contracts
Artist Collections
Total Transactions

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