Case Study - Revolutionizing Personal Health Management with HealthB

Zyberia, a pioneering HealthTech company from Norway, has developed HealthB, an innovative personal health platform. This platform empowers users to collect, understand, and communicate their health data, aiming to help them achieve self-care and improve their quality of life.

Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development, Web3 Integration, Health Data Interoperability, Tokenization Solutions


Zyberia, a pioneering HealthTech company from Norway, has developed HealthB, a personal health platform designed to empower users to collect, understand, and communicate their health data. Their vision is to help people own their health and improve their quality of life. As the digital health landscape evolves, the integration of blockchain and Web3 technologies presents a transformative opportunity. This is where VBS steps in.

The Problem Addressed by HealthB

Health data is often fragmented across various systems, making it challenging for individuals to have a comprehensive view of their health. Without this aggregate overview, proactive health management becomes a challenge. Furthermore, a significant portion of medical advice is forgotten shortly after a doctor's visit, hindering effective self-care.

The HealthB Solution

With HealthB, users get an aggregate overview of their health data, enabling them to:

  • Collect, understand, and communicate their health.
  • Navigate and co-create in the healthcare system.
  • Access features like Health Summary, Allergies, Diagnosis List, Medicines List, Personal Notes, and share health data via QR Code.

The VBS Contribution

Recognizing the challenges and the potential of HealthB, VBS collaborated with Zyberia to integrate blockchain technology, offering:

  • Platform Architecture
  • Blockchain Support
  • Health Data Interoperability
  • Tokenization Solutions
  • Web3 Integration
  • Smart Contract Development


Zyberia has been recognized as the "Health Entrepreneur 2022", a testament to their innovative approach and the impact of HealthB in the healthcare sector.


The collaboration between Zyberia's HealthB and VBS is a shining example of the potential when healthcare meets cutting-edge blockchain technology. As VBS continues to support Zyberia in its journey, we're excited about the future of digital health, ensuring a system that's efficient, secure, and user-centric.

The partnership with VBS has been transformative for HealthB. Their blockchain expertise, combined with our vision for healthcare, is setting new standards in the industry.

Jonas C. Jeppesen, MD
Co-founder & CEO at Zyberia
Awarded For Innovative Approach in Healthcare
Health Entrepreneur 2022
Active Users
Healthcare Partnerships
Integrated Health Systems

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